26 March 2023
Chinese Defense: Our nuclear forces will remain at a minimum level in accordance with national security requirements
1 month ago
Ministry of Defense: Russia, despite the suspension of participation in the New START treaty, will comply with restrictions on the number of carriers of nuclear warheads, the exchange of notifications will continue
1 month ago
Russian State Duma has adopted a law suspending participation of Russian Federation in New START treaty
1 month ago
Secretary of State Antony Blinken criticized Russia's decision on Tuesday to suspend cooperation in the New START nuclear arms reduction treaty, calling the move "deeply unfortunate and irresponsible”
1 month ago
Russian Defense Ministry and Rosatom should be ready to test nuclear weapons if US does it first - Putin
1 month ago
Russia suspends participation in START, - Putin
1 month ago
It's propaganda
Putin accused "them" in unleashing war(The West), and Russia is using force to stop it
1 month ago
In his annual remarks, UN Secretary-General @AntonioGuterres said "the Doomsday Clock is a global alarm clock."
3 month ago
Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman: Russia has canceled nuclear talks with the United States due to the deterioration of bilateral relations
Russian Media: Postponing the US-Russian meeting on the START Nuclear Weapons Treaty, which was to be held in Egypt
Today, @POTUS "will sign a Presidential Memorandum on Promoting Accountability for Conflict-Related Sexual Violence to strengthen the US government's efforts to combat conflict-related sexual violence, "a too-often overlooked and underreported crime," announces the @WhiteHouse
4 month ago
Indonesian President Addressing G20 Leaders: 'Another World War' Must Be Avoided
4 month ago
The White House: At meeting in Ankara The Director of the CIA conveyed a warning message of the consequences of Russia's use of nuclear weapons to his Russian counterpart
Warning from head of U.S. military's nuclear arsenal: "As I assess our level of deterrence against China, the ship is slowly sinking"
5 month ago
Russia launched Yars ICBM from Plesetsk to Kura firing range as part of Grom strategic exercise, also Tu-95 bombers launched cruise missiles. Shoigu reported to Putin: "during exercise conducted massive nuclear strike in response of enemies nuclear strike"
"If Russia were to employ nuclear weapons or a dirty bomb, there would be consequences, but again, I'm not going to go into details," says @PentagonPresSec
The U.S. government has bought $290 million in supplies of a drug designed to treat blood cell injuries following radiological and nuclear emergencies, part of what it said were long-standing efforts to prepare for potential impacts from threats to national security
5 month ago
Speaker of Russian Federation council Matvienko at G20: Russia has never threatened anyone with nuclear weapons, have no plans to do it. Accusing the west in making up nuclear threats by Russia
5 month ago
The Russian Foreign Ministry: We are fully committed to the principle of not allowing a nuclear war to erupt
The United States has no indication that Russia is preparing to use nuclear weapons, despite "nuclear saber-rattling" by Russian President Putin, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said on Tuesday
5 month ago
Yoon warns North Korea of 'resolute, overwhelming' response in event of nuclear weapons use
5 month ago
Yoon vows to strengthen South Korea-U.S. military exercises
5 month ago
Yoon says North Korea threatens South Korea's survival with legalization of nuclear weapons use
US National Security Adviser: We take Russian nuclear threats seriously
Russia's push for referenda in Ukraine "simply an information operation that's meant to distract from the difficult state that the Russian military currently finds itself in right now" per @PentagonPresSec
US NatSec advisor Jake Sullivan: We are not prepared to provide Ukraine with long-range missiles, ATACMS with a range of 300 km. Our key goal is to support and defend Ukraine, and another key goal is to ensure that we're not heading down the road toward a 3rd World war
U.S. gave electronic warfare equipment to Ukraine for the first time on Friday since Russia's invasion on Feb. 24
10 month ago
For the first time since Russia invaded Ukraine, UNSC has unanimously (ie, with Russia) expressed itself in a presidential statement, offering "strong support" for @antonioguterres efforts to find a peaceful solution to the war
"No reason" Ukraine War should escalate into a nuclear confrontation, says @PentagonPresSec, adding Russia raising the specter of the use of such weapons is not helpful to the region's peace and security
US Department of Defense: Russia informed us before testing the new ICBM
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