3 August 2021
3 day ago
China is expanding its operations at its Lop Nur nuclear test site. @AllSourceA has found a probable new test tunnel in @planet imagery
Russian-American talks on strategic stability began in Geneva
1 month ago
Russian Foreign Ministry: the possible danger of using bioagents as a means of warfare cannot be underestimated
1 month ago
Putin named among the security threats in the world the risks of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, drug trafficking, cybercrime and terrorism
Putin and Biden adopted a joint statement on strategic stability No Winner in a Nuclear War1 month ago
Putin and Biden adopted a joint statement on strategic stability "No Winner in a Nuclear War"
NATO Secretary General: We are not going to enter into a cold war with China, and it is not our enemy
Gen. Milley: 'Great power peace' following WWII now 'under stress' and 'fraying at the edge' 'We are in a great power competition with China and Russia,' U.S. military's top officer tells Air Force Academy graduates
2 month ago
The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are superior to all the armies of the world in terms of modern strategic nuclear forces - Russian Defense Minister Shoigu
Commander of the US Strategic Command: China is expanding militarily rapidly, and Russia has a strong nuclear weapons complex
"Russia remains the pacing nuclear threat" warns @US_Stratcom's Adm Charles, saying Moscow's nuclear modernization is 80% complete, while the US is still at zero
Drill on preparation for warfare time before mobilization extended in Novosibirsk region until 30th August 2021
5 month ago
Russian Foreign Ministry: the fact that the West does not recognize the unacceptability of nuclear war raises suspicions whether they are planning limited nuclear wars
PRC Ministry of National Defense on Thursday announced it has successfully conducted a ground-based midcourse anti missile interception technology test
"Any assessment like that would be necessarily classified," replies @statedeptspox on the official US estimate on how quickly Iran could ramp up enrichment of uranium to nuclear bomb-fuel purity. "Iran is closer. That breakout time is shorter"
"Extending the New START Treaty ensures we have verifiable limits on Russian ICBMs, SLBMs, and heavy bombers until February 5, 2026," says @SecBlinken
[email protected] welcomes officials extension of NewSTART. "NATO Allies believe the New START Treaty contributes to international stability"
[email protected] announces that the US has extended a key nuclear arms control treaty with Russia for 5 years, says "extending the New START Treaty makes the United States, US allies and partners, and the world safer. An unconstrained nuclear competition would endanger us all
Top U.S. nuclear commander: "There is a real possibility that a regional crisis with Russia or China could escalate quickly to a conflict involving nuclear weapons," Adm. Richard warns "nuclear employment is a very real possibility"
Executive order signed by @POTUS "enabling all qualified Americans to serve their country in uniform"
6 month ago
The refusal of the United States to fix the renunciation of nuclear war in its doctrines speaks volumes and determines a lot, Lavrov said.
European Union: Iran's decision to raise uranium enrichment has dire consequences
European Union: Iran must be prevented from acquiring a nuclear weapon
An Iranian government spokesman says Tehran has begun enriching uranium up to 20% at an underground facility. The state-run IRNA news agency said that President Hassan Rouhani had given the order for the move at the Fordo facility
7 month ago
Russia's top officer reminds U.S. The START Treaty expires on February 5th. "After that date, neither Russia nor the United States will have any restrictions" on the number of nuclear warheads each side can deploy, Gen. Valery Gerasimov warns in Christmas Eve message
7 month ago
Russia plans to put the first RS-28 Sarmat heavy ICBM into service in 2022, the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces Gen. Sergei Karakayev announced.
7 month ago
Russia considers it extremely important to confirm the inadmissibility of nuclear war - Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov
The Israel Defense Forces have in recent weeks been instructed to prepare for the possibility that the U.S. will conduct a military strike against Iran before President Trump leaves office, senior Israeli officials tell @BarakRavid
8 month ago
U.K. to create new space command and artificial intelligence agency
8 month ago
U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson to announce an extra £16.5 billion in defence spending in the biggest investment since the Cold War- Sky News
8 month ago
It is necessary to work on the survivability of the control system of nuclear forces even in the event of a nuclear strike - Putin
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