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22 February 2018
Former US military commander warns against 'bloody nose' strike on North Korea
US national intelligence director says it's 'decision time' on North Korea, calls its nuclear weapons 'existential threat' to US
1 week ago
DNI Coats says Russia views the 2018 midterm elections as potential for influence operations
1 week ago
DNI Coats says the number of people displaced by conflict right is the highest it's been since WWII
DNI Coats says the risk of interstate conflict is higher at any time than since the Cold War
2 week ago
Sergei Lavrov: Russia's successes in domestic and foreign policy are causing an allergy in the West.
U.S nuclear doctrine review allows use of nuclear weapons in case of conventional attack
Venezuela defense minister says U.S. secretary of state raising prospect of Maduro military ouster is 'outrageous'
North Korea: The @nytimes reports White House frustrated that Pentagon is slow-walking military options for Trump to deal with North Korea
Cover of Time February 12.
China needs more nuclear warheads to deter US threat, military says
Russian media: vice-PM Rogozin told about plans to increase production in military times3 week ago
Russian media: vice-PM Rogozin told about plans to increase production in military times
Fmr Secretary of State Shultz: US needs to put 'stop sign' in front of Russia from developing more nukes. "It threatens mankind," he tells Congress
The @BulletinAtomic has set its DoomsdayClock to 2 minutes to "midnight," citing mainly nuclear issues and general instability in the world.
Chief of VTB says coming U.S. sanctions against Russia is equal to "declaration of war"
"At this time in this age, emphasizing the capabilities of the [US] force is probably the predominant effort" says SecDef Mattis, answering audience questions
Mattis: The reductions on the defense budget have affected the performance of the US military
Dept. of Defense issues guidance for continuation of essential operations in the absence of government funds
Pres greeted at Pentagon entrance by DefSec Mattis, accompanied by VP Pence.
Trump declines to confirm reports that U.S. is debating possible pre-emptive strike on North Korea
NATO's secretary general says ridding the world of nuclear weapons cannot be guaranteed by a United Nations convention
NORAD official tells Denver7 there is "absolutely nothing going on," says this is "possibly a hack" or a "very sick joke."
1 month ago
Hawaii Emergency Management says there is no missile threat
Ballistic Missile threat text to all phones at Hawaii1 month ago
"Ballistic Missile threat" text to all phones at Hawaii
[email protected] 3ID stationed at Fort Stewart, Ga. will deploy to the Republic of Korea. This deployment marks the unit's return to South Korea. The division supported combat missions of @EighthArmyKorea until 1953
Trump says there will be no military action against North Korea as long as inter-Korean talks are ongoing: South Korea presidential office
DPRK: U.S. officials are debating whether it's possible to mount a limited military strike against North Korean without igniting all-out war - @WSJ
All options on table for Iran on nuclear deal - FM spox: IRNA
US and Russia holding a flurry of high-level meetings in Jan. and Feb., including first meeting of NATO and Russia military leaders since Ukraine crisis erupted in 2013. Breedlove, Nuland quoted.
CDC to hold a briefing on how to prepare for a nuclear war.